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Lymphatic Drainage Massage after Plastic Surgery in Miami


It's Founder and Director, Marian Sotelo-Paz, is a Licensed Massage Therapist, National Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, National Educational Provider and received her diploma as  Kinesiologist in another Country in South America. In her 27 years of experience and throughout her career, she has obtained diplomas and certifications in this specialty in countries such as France, Argentina, Chile, Spain and the US. At Medical Massage Professionals we perform a non-invasive treatment to help with imperfections after liposuction, like hard lumps or hard tissue using our State of Florida trademarked technique "Fibrosis after Liposuction (Sotelo-Paz technique) and the practice is worldwide popular due to a pattern and trademarked technique "Post-Surgery Drainage Massage (Sotelo-Paz technique) in period of publication under U.S Serial Registration 87780753. 

Marian Sotelo-Paz is the author of "Before and After" and "Post-Surgery Drainage Massage" books oriented to people facing plastic surgery.

It is also noteworthy that Marian is the owner of the skin care line of products  "DIVA" post-surgery recommended, being an exclusive distributor of its products in the United States and working with this line of organic products for the greatest benefit of its exclusive clientele.

In her clinic, you can study through the Apprentice Program approved by the Florida Department of Health, in the course you will study as a massage therapist, having as an instructor your director. Marian is also National Educational Provider #451 and at this moment teach Continuing Education Courses through her online school with more than 45K students in the US.

The high level of professional training combined with a solid career and clinical experience make Medical Massage Professionals the place chosen by patients all over the Country.


These are pre-paid services only. No appointments will be made without a pre-paid deposit. To book an appointment:
1. Pay the deposit first by using the “Buy Now” button.
2. Then contact us by email: or fill out the Contact Us form below*, requesting dates for services. Allow 24 hours to receive the appointment schedule The “Deposit” is part of the total price of the package. At the clinic, the customer has to pay the remaining balance.

Post-Surgery Massages (45 min.)

1 Massage $90.00
2 Massages $170.00 (save $10.00)
3 Massages $250.00 (save $20.00)
4 Massages $330.00 (save $30.00)
5 Massages $410.00 (save $40.00)

6 Massages $495.00

7 Massages $580.00

8 Massages $665.00

9 Massages $750.00

10 Massages $800.00

Exclusivity charge Fee
IMPORTANT: All our therapists receive the same training after being hired by our Company and it is mandatory to approve that training, so our clientele can not request to be attended exclusively by any special therapist. The only person with the exclusivity fee is our director $140.00 each
*On the Contact Us form below in the “Message” section please explain in detail what service you are making a deposit for and the day you would like an appointment.


 We only accept Debit Card and Cash.

Consultation $20.00
Fibrosis Deposit $150.00 

Special for Fibrosis $600.00 (Save 150.00)

5 sessions of 45 min. each 

Post-Surgery Lymphatic Massage  $90.00
Deep Tissue Massage $90.00
Relaxation Massage $80.00
Medical Massage 30 minutes $50.00
Esthetic Services Deposit $50.00


Deposit $120.00

Deposit is not refundable or transferable but is part of the total price of the package. If a customer doesn't show up, can reschedule the appointment but a $25.00 dollars will be charged because according to the Law we must compensate the therapist for the time lost waiting for the client on premises. A credit card number will be requested for this. Please read Company Policies.

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