Fibrosis Treatment Post-Liposuction

Fibrosis Tissue vs. Healthy Tissue

Fibrosis has different characteristics such as hard lumps, huge pores, darker skin tone, skin folding. This needs to be diagnosticated by a doctor, and it usually starts to show up when a person is 3 weeks post-surgery or more and because of this, it is extremely crucial to receive proper manual lymphatic drainage massages with a professional.

After becoming a Licensed Massage Therapy, a person must pass a continuing education course to become certified in manual lymphatic drainage.

It is well known, that this technique is hands-on-technique, and is non-invasive in any case.

Fibrosis treated 8 months after surgery.

Marian's Opinion

”… In my practice, I receive an average of 15 to 18 patients per day (we work 7 days a week), for post-surgery drainage massages. Of these patients, between 5 and 7 come exclusively to request fibrosis treatment. These people have performed their post-surgery drainage massages in other Medical Centers or Spas. When asked how those massages were, they all respond with a common response: “They were local massages and were done with machinery such as cavitation”. I believe that something is being taught wrong out there since this technique should be done full body and hands-on technique, no machinery should be applied immediately after a liposuction. Cavitation (Commonly and incorrectly used after surgery) is a machine that is used to burn local fat. My question is, why would you apply cavitation on a person who recently had liposuction which is a surgery to remove fat? A common mistake is also using cavitation in an attempt to remove fibrosis, however, the adipocyte (fat cells) can be removed with cavitation, but fibrosis is based on the overproduction of fibrous tissue that is no the same as adipose tissue. This is like wanting to go to Spain yet buying a ticket to go to Australia. I say Full Body massages are needed because the Lymphatic System is a system, that is in the whole body. A “local massage” is like a having a house with 10 rooms, cleaning one and pretending that the house is clean…”